Can I enter my whole team at once using Excel?

  1. Yes, you can!
  2. Start at your Dashboard and click on the Manage Runners icon.
  3. Then click on "Add Runners."
  4. You'll see several purple buttons and click on the "Import Runners" one.
  5. Before you select a file on your computer to use for the import, download the sample file so you know you'll match the format.  Only use the distances descriptions that are shown in the sample and make sure your times are represented in mm:ss format.
  6. Your import will not wipe out the existing runners so you'll be adding to your list each time you do an import.  Delete the runners that you no longer need in your groups.

How do I save my own workouts?

  1. From your Dashboard click on the "Workouts" icon.
  2. On the "Workouts" page click on "Add a Workout."
  3. Input the information using the drop down menus and hit "Save!"
  4. Your workout will appear in the appropriate category for future use.

I submitted my registration for an account but have not received the email with the link to confirm my email address.  What's happening?

This is really rare, but it has happened once and that's too often!

Sometimes a mail hosting service (like hotmail or Verizon.net) will block emails as spam before they even get sent all the way to you.  If you don't receive an email confirmation from us at all, you may have to contact your email provider and ask them to unblock justfastr.com.  If you need further assistance use the Contact Us form and we will do what we can to help you.

How do I get more consistent printing output?

Because different display resolutions, browsers, and print settings can affect the way your team's workout shows on the screen and on the printer, the best way to get consistent output is to click on the "Excel" button on your Output screen to send it to an Excel spreadsheet.  Not only does it make it much easier to print a clean copy, you can very easily manipulate the layout almost any way you want!

When setting up a Race, my groups aren't being sorted.

Well, that's because we haven't gotten that functionality quite done yet.  For now, if you want to separate your groups, you'll need to just go through the process of choosing your runners and setting their goal times for a specific group.  Then you can just print the table or output it to excel first.  Then it's off to the races!

How are the training paces calculated?

The factors we use are based on averages taken from the best known free, online training calculators on the web.  So, these paces should come out very, very close to ones you would pull from anything you've been using.  Except you don't have to run calculations one runner at a time!

However, if you notice some sort of discrepency, please let us know and we'll do what we can to tighten things up even more.