About Us

JustFastr is an online training journal and set of associated mobile apps for distance runners.  It will be the most effective tool of its kind by maintaining a strict focus on only the information that is important to serious runners, making it highly intuitive and simple to use.  To ensure JustFastr becomes, and stays the leader in this market, we have adopted an integrated development and marketing strategy that leverages the expertise and passion of the most knowledgeable people in the sport: the coaches. 

From its inception, JustFastr has drawn upon coaches to sift through all of the data that is possible to record and narrow that down to what should be recorded and how that information is used to improve running performance.  This approach also exposed an opportunity that has yet to be capitalized upon by similar systems and has led to the development of InstantSplts which is a team running calculator.

The JustFastr system, along with additional innovations will be released as development continues.

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